Sociedad Española de Optimización de la Farmacoterapia

Profesor Han de Gier

Han Gier

  • Universidad de Groningen, Holanda

Pharmaceutical care developments in Spain and the Netherlands During a vist of the Board of Directors of Health Base Foundation [1]from the Netherlands to Sevilla from 1-3 May 2012, fruitful discussions between practitioners form both countries took place in an exchange of information on systems for pharmaceutical care delivery. Emphasis was given on new ideas, experiences and future perspectives regarding the development and implementation of pharmaceutical care services. The mutual interst of Spannish and Dutch colleagues in developing the pharmaceutical care practice and medication therapy management was very well illustrating the movement of practitioners in community pharmacy to make sure that patients can make the best use of their medication. Especially the need for information technology to support a structured development of a pharmaceutical care plan was discussed. But also the urgency to develop a university curriculum that will reflect the needs of students in becoming competent in providing pharmaceutical care services was addressed. It was concluded that follow-up meetings will be organised to continue the exchange of knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical care provision by community pharmacists. As a special event the offical start of a new Society in Spain for the Optimization of Pharmacotherapy (in Spannish abbreviated as SEDOF) on the 4th of May was very well received by the Dutch colleagues. Congratulations for a successful future of SEDOF were offered at the closure of the meeting in Sevilla.


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